31 Mar 2015

Why did my power on receptacles and lights when the breaker is still on?

Power’s Out But the Breaker is On Tracking down electrical problems can be difficult at times, especially when the problem goes beyond the typical tripped breaker. When the power goes out we all want to be able to walk over to the breaker, flip a switch or two and return to life as normal. Unfortunately that is not always the case and seeking the help of an experienced electrician may be required.

Some of the reasons that an outlet or light fixture can lose power can include bad connections in junction boxes or it may be at the device itself. Perhaps there is lost continuity on the wire feeding the circuit. In some cases, losing power in an area of your home while no circuit breakers are tripped can be a sign that your meter can is damaged. In any case, it is always best to have a licensed electrician investigate the problem.

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