Jacksonville Electrician

In the heat of the summer your electric bill may really take a hit, especially if it runs on electric so finding some ways to cut back on usage may be on the forefront of your mind!

There are a few obvious things that can be done such as, turn off the lights when you are not in that particular room, don’t keep for fridge open for long periods of time while deciding on a snack, or leave the doors open when the air is running.

But what about those small, kitchen appliances and electronics that are off but still generating some electricity? If a light is still on when turned off, then it is still using electricity.  You could have the tv, dvd player, game consoles, etc plugged into a surge protector with an on/off switch and turn them off at night. Unplug small appliances as well. It might take a bit to get into the habit, but it’s well worth it.
Are beautiful rays of sunshine peeking in where they shouldn’t be, for example underneath your front or back door? Or is a nice breeze coming in from your closed doors and windows? That may be a simple caulking fix to keep air from getting in or out.
Have an electric stove? When boiling water be sure to put a lid on your pot to keep the hot air in. It may be small but it all adds up!
Install and use ceiling fans. Not sure how to install it? One of our Jacksonville electricians can help!
Try using motion-activated outdoor lights, where light is not necessary for the whole night through and have timers for your outdoor lights so that they automatically turn on/off with the sunset and sunrise.